Before before long, live in 3 lis of collect street in spin li of community plum the king inn of the home that the aunt looks for building intermediary east anxiously is long, say oneself are hired by a “ project of ” of room conduct financial transactions cheate北京100场ktv推荐d ten yuan, regret to did not listen to his proposal at the outset. Original, it is early a year ago, plum the aunt is determined to ask to be change of form of consign of the hire that buy a house year pay, the reason is plum the aunt wants economy. King inn is long listen plum the aunt is fine fine tell come, discover the thing has odd, remind her probable meeting is immersed in fraud, cannot think of, the true come true after a year. “ is a loss only fortunately dot money, the house still is in. ” plum the aunt says. And other comply with the dweller of king inn long opinion kept away from however these “ hole ” , because concern a building the problem such as successive, buying and selling, they can seek advice at any time. In 3 lis of collect street, like such commonweal the service shares 115, the principal part that provides a service is the enterprise of apanage. “ is old old village sundry is much, make up the enterprise such as the project to come the mode of claim ” belongs to sunny area initiate, this profit from is street the ” of “ care alliance of layout. Street this year comb dweller demand further, roll out civilian service, filial piety often is respected close, help deficient up to help 4 kinds of big services suc石景山附近按摩拔罐h as fashion of tired, environmental protection, still increased the industry such as tonsorial, property to support alliance, play company specialty makes commonweal service. Up to now, already many 120 enterprise is participated in came in. House property seeks advice: Side old person maintains a building this year the beginning of the year, li of community is spun in living in Mr Hou old of 15 buildings, the plan is located in the is in 50 much square metre residence near unitive lake sells, hou often did not think good originally, can be in a day night, he is persuaded by intermediary, signed a contract selling a house at once. Return the home, hou Laoyi Su Weimian, run to look for king manager to see a contract downstairs early in the morning the following day. Say to have brushstroke fund administration fee in “ contract, this is unreasonable. The date of expiration of net autograph and change the name of owner in a register also was not explained in compensatory agreement, this is probable it is a termless contract, once break a contact, intermediary does not have responsibility! ” king inn grows what one says during a conversation, the Hou Laoxian that initial letting grass makes an appointment with gives birth to fear after the event, expended very large interest end with end an agreement finally. Program of “ deal house is trival and complex, like us these old people look not to understand at all, drop hole not carefully in, thanks to house property seeks advice from this service, make us much more dependable. ” Mr Hou says. Oriental home is to be located at originally in a business door that spins li of community foundation business. Since last year, it had a new capacity again, offer free building to seek advice for community dweller. Company of 10 years was run in apanage as, be in early street 2015 give out when building care alliance commonweal to initiate, this enterprise is joined among them, use oneself maintenance resource, the property that li of community spins in claim maintains a project, use special skill to help a dweller avoid again later “ hole ” . The not only house-owner that be benefited, still have tenant, the house property that involves Beijing not only seeks advice, the tenement that still handles house property for the other place offers advisory opinion. “ is recumbent originally the person that sells a room to earn money, will help us maintain a building however! ” 90 years old of senile Li Da a form of a address for an official or rich man this year, often encounter new politics come on stage, the time that even if be,riding a bicycle to go to market buying food also should grow with king inn a little. The dweller of the job such as house property broker, counsel is engaged in in the village, growing with king inn after be familiar with, also come round to consult, king inn is long express, he himself also is enriched somewhat, become more professional. Street alley designs: Return zoology of harmony of 3 lis of collect in last few years, the city zone rises abruptly silvan park, dirty random clearing changes the news of body pocket park is full of all the time in north in ear of dweller of 3 lis of community, and the community garden outside oneself window, still be a pair of model that nobody do however. Go communit北京中医推拿按摩名医y seeks advice, dwellers just know, a big area is in charge of by a flower art worker completely, hard to avoid is considered come nevertheless. Began last year, of floret garden changed to have chance personally, will identify adopt to protect by remote antiquity real estate henceforth. Yesterday afternoon 1:30, north major dweller still is in 3 lis of community noon break, and the floret garden that the horticultural worker Xiaoli in remote antiquity is pushing the board car of tool, conduit, fertilizer to come to side of 25 buildings north however, the growth of microscope green plant condition, new plant of cleared fireweed, reseed, fertilize subsequently, water, the high temperature day of three Celsius fully busy a many hour. Afternoon at 4 o’clock, floret garden was greeted in succession recreational chatting dweller. All sorts of ligneous a covered corridor or walk, flowers and plants, a community garden prospect that caresses meticulously spreads out slowly. Speak of the look before floret garden, one face cold-shoulders dwell门头沟双峪环岛有保健推油店ers say: “ moorland, blowing is earth, kind what does not live. Lin Yan tells the controller of remote antiquity real estate of project of conserve of ” claim greenbelt the reporter, this greenbelt does not grow to give a plant to have two reasons, it is crown of a tree too dense, sh海淀区ktv歌厅哪家好ading; 2 it is the bury below greenbelt the move is many lime. After claim project, the worker has crop to crown of a tree first, lift greenbelt again clear substance is cultivated again after lime, this ability had today’s look. Lin Yan says frankly, professional horticultural worker carries the climate with analytic annual Beijing, element such as rainwater, in the plant that the grow inside greenbelt grows aptly. There are 5 kinds of flowers and plantses at least inside greenbelt now, later period design still is met more careful. Not only it is greenbelt conserve, environment of ” of “ dirty street promotes a de北京海淀个人按摩保健sign, remote antiquity real estate also is participated in among them. Say according to street controller, remote antiquity real estate ever still spent heavy gold to invite domestic and international famous composer to provide blueprint paper for ” of “ dirty street, claim project already went two years to now time, “ of 3 lis of collect is dirty nowadays mark of street ” ground also from the bar before, a slap-bang shop, change to be become personally nowadays triplex bookstore and all sorts of nets are red shop, not only dirty random difference disappears, much still fashionable culture breath. Essence of life allows a butt joint: 115 projects fall to knowledge of conduct financial transactions of ”“ of project of check-up of dweller of the “ on dweller the bottom of one’s heart to explain a service ”“ obligation is tonsorial civilian 3 lis of quarter that service ”…… holds last week are street project claim ceremonially, unit of care alliance member disputes photograph claim 115 volunteer services. This year, 3 lis of collect are street need through walking along a visit, declare of one’s own accord wait for means, comb dweller demand further, roll out civilian service, filial piety often is respected close, help deficient up to aid fashion of tired, environmental protection 4 kinds of big projects, ability of company of basis of unit of care alliance member and management characteristic claim, warm in dweller mind. As we have learned, the mode of ” of claim of “ care alliance, company is OK restrospect to 2013. “ is street at that time the company that organizes area under administration undertakes raise donations to Chinese volunteer foundation, we discover the enterprise inside area under administration builds volunteer activity to have very strong desire to the party, but lack platform, each does things in his own way, form scope effect hard. Street and relevant chief says ” . He says, of 3 lis of collect flourishing gave controller of a few companies illusion, think this area won’t have the person that too much need helps.  How to take the high grade resource of region industry into each community, became the issue that street at that time st北京密云ktvaff member ponders over. Urgent affairs is rise enterprise agglomeration first. Street arrived 2013 between 2015 organized a lot of activities for these enterprises,北京KTV荤场消费怎么样 in addition still apply for welfare for company staff through labour union. Manage through a few years, the enterprise is spent to be being approbated streetly taller and taller, for “ care alliance ” project opened a good head. 2015, 38 seeds project gives heat, after this grows every year with the amount of 20 many projects, this year is cent gives 4 kinds big more, essence of dominant position of the major that develops a business, industry follows demand of butt joint dweller. With happiness one village community is exemple, there is unit price already here the high-grade village of 100 thousand above, also have build at going up century the Laolou of 60 time. Because time is ages ago, laolou’s infrastructure appears all sorts of problems, constant watchtower begins the resident in the building sigh: Can the property service next door “ take care of us? ” is accompanying this kind of mode to mature with each passing day, the property company of new village also claim the property of circumjacent old old village serves. No matter be conduit was blocked up, bulb is bad, want to make a telephone call only, the maintenance worker of adjoining village property can come, let reside alone, break alone old person life is more easy. This year the beginning of the year, conclude as Cultural Festival of 3 lis of collect, build culture the bugle of 3 lis of collect is formal also blow. Culture of care alliance movie and TV supports alliance build also be carried program. 3 lis of collect return “ is company of culture of movie and TV collect the ground, we want to use these resource well, into rank the culture that abounds them lives. ” from introduce triplex the bookshop arrives prepare Wen Chuangyuan of small theater, program, 3 lis of collect are at present street raising alliance to build frame for culture of movie and TV, at the appointed time, apanage resident can go heart cloud company lets freely comic dialogue, taking family to see play in small theater on the weekend, workaday night also can walk into a bookshop to enter an activity. The recreational life of rich and colorful will make the new style of dweller of 3 lis of collect.

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